Non-Abrasive Oven Cleaning Services in Warrington

Oven Cleaners WarringtonContinuous use of your oven quickly builds up grease and grime stains inside it. This accumulated dirt is a potential threat of a fire hazard. A dirty stove is a great environment for bacteria to spread, thanks to all the organic buildups on it. Also, the appliance effectiveness is greatly reduced, as it takes more time to heat up, and thus increasing your electricity bills.

Regular cleaning not only keeps your oven working properly for longer, but it also makes the food you cook in it even better! Work with our local cleaners and trust them with your oven cleaning needs. The use of modern equipment and techniques, guarantees a spotless, scratch-free oven. Also, the application of eco-friendly detergents, capable of dissolving grease on single or double ovens, hobs and extractor hoods, provides you with quality end results.

Oven and BBQ Cleaning Prices

Oven Cleaning
Single oven, including two racks£49
Single oven + hob + extractor£74
Single Wide Oven£67
Range Hood or Hob£24
AGA – 2 Oven Size£83
AGA – 4 Oven Size£114
AGA – Side Module£62
Microwave oven£14
Gas Hob (4 burners)£18
Ceramic Hob (4 burners)£15
Range Oven – 90cm£81
Range Oven – 100-110cm£97
Range Hob£24
Range Extractor£24
* Minimum call out charge £49
BBQ Cleaning
BBQ Small£40
BBQ (70-110 cm)£69
BBQ large (over 110 cm)£83
* Minimum call out charge £49

Our Protective and Deep Oven Cleaning Process

This oven cleaning service is suitable for domestic properties, as well as commercial ones, like restaurant kitchens. The expertise of the cleaners, allows them to properly disassemble your oven. Using a specialised dip tank cleaning method for all removable parts and ensuring a thorough clean up of each hard-to-reach spot. Here is what the oven cleaners do when it comes to stove cleaning:

  • Provide you with all the needed equipment and detergents when they arrive at your premises
  • A full inspection of the appliance, choosing the right cleaning solutions and making sure the oven functions as it should
  • The area in front and around the oven is covered to protect it from accidental spills
  • Get all removable parts out of your oven and apply the dip tank cleaning technique
  • The exterior and interior of the oven is deeply scrubbed with soft cloths, leaving no scratch marks
  • Applying eco-friendly, health-safe detergents and degreasers
  • Before re-assembly, a final rinse with water of all parts is made
  • A thorough polish, giving your oven that extra shine
  • When done, a final check is made to see if the oven is working as it should after assembly
  • Bon Appétit!

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  • Get germ and bacteria free oven, protecting your health and improving the taste of your food
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  • Full insurance cover on all cleaning services
  • Health-safe cleaning solution for quality results
  • Special dip tank cleaning method, leaving spotless all removable parts
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