Do You Want Your Windows to Stay Cleaner For Longer?

Window Cleaners Warrington

Are you still struggling to get those high-floor windows cleaned? Do you lack the necessary equipment and products for the job? Are you tired of going through this annoying task again? Here is the easy solution! Work with our competent window cleaners and bring more light into your home in no time. We use advanced water-fed extension poles and distilled water to ensure streak-free and spotless glass panes.

Conventional window cleaning methods are slow and don’t guarantee quality results. Get help from a local company with years of experience in cleaning windows in all postcodes of Warrington, Appleton, Birchwood and Lymm. There is no longer the need of any ladders and back-breaking scrubbing. Using the latest cleaning methods and purified (distilled) water, all your windows will be cleaned from the safety of the ground, ensuring gleaming results.

Our Process of Spotless Window Cleaning and Washing

At first, the water is purified to remove all elements in it that can cause limescale build-up. When the water is in this new demineralised state, it strives to return back to its impure condition, absorbing all dirt and chemicals it comes across. The water is pumped through the extension pole, up to the brush head, efficiently cleaning the windows and creating a protective layer over the glass surfaces to keep them cleaner for longer.

Thanks to this modern equipment, there is no scratching on the glass panes. Our window cleaners are also able to clean all reachable sills and PVC frames up to the fourth floor of a building. Windows on the first floor and inside are cleaned with a squeegee and purified water, ensuring streak-free and sparkling surfaces.

What Makes Our Window Cleaning and Washing Services Better?

  • There is no need of ladders and buckets of water, thanks to the advanced water-fed extension pole cleaning techniques
  • All cleaning is performed from the ground level, which is safer for your windows and our cleaners
  • No detergents and abrasive cloths are used, only the cleaning power of the purified water
  • As part of the service we clean all reachable PVC frames and window sills too
  • Schedule for a day and time of your choice, with weekends and holidays at the same price
  • This is the perfect finishing touch for your deep house or end of tenancy cleaning sessions
  • Book two or more cleaning services at the same time and ask for our special deals
  • Work with trained, licensed and insured window cleaners in your local area
  • Dial 01925 698 035 now to get a personalised price estimate